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The Secret To Long Life

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I think the topic of immortality has always been around. Whether it’s movies that have themes to search for The Fountain Of Youth, or science projects funded to find the key to living a long life… the mystical truth of living as long as we can, is what we as humans are obsessed with finding. The interesting thing is, we seem to have the data to live for as long as possible, right smack in front of us. That data is qualified moreso by human experience than by numbers, because we can’t say that a study of 200,000 people who went Vegan, lived until 105 years old…yet. That data doesn’t exist. What does exist is 800,000 people dying in America every year from heart failure or disease. So, we know what’s not working right? Well, I believe we do, but I also believe that the majority of people don’t care to listen.

Myths We Live Through

What we’ll hang onto, are the cultural values, traditions, and beliefs that have been passed down from generations of misunderstanding. Some of these beliefs are:

  • High cholesterol runs in my family
  • My grandparents and parents have diabetes so I’m genetically fucked
  • Medication is all we have for treatment of high cholesterol

And so it’s time to break those beliefs and reset the system. It’s time that we focus on what we put into our bodies to prevent heart failure, not treat it after the fact.  Because how many family members dying from heart disease, does it take to snap us out of the hazy falsity of what we call life today? How about we stuff our faces full of high cholesterol foods until our bodies shut down, until we realize that maybe we shouldn’t have ate the way most of America does today – High meat, low veggies.

But hey, I’m not a heart surgeon, so what do I know? How about we hear it from a 103 year old Vegan who practiced open heart surgery until he was 95 years old? Here’s a video interviewing Dr. Ellsworth who talks about living on a plant based diet. Just imagine what he’s seen throughout his life, performing a shit ton of open heart surgery procedures!

Learning From The Learners

Some of his key takeaways:

  • 3 months to change your taste habits from meat to veggies
  • cholesterol is the primary concern and keeping it under 140 points means, no heart attack.
  • saturated fat stems from animals and we must avoid it.
  • we can’t exercise enough to lower our cholesterol beyond 15-20 points. Eating plant based we can.
  • coronary cases weren’t done abroad, America is the leader in heart disease.

Dr. Ellsworth is my hero! I can only dream to be 100+ years old and still walking without a cane while being disease free.  The most basic message we get from him is to live a plant based life because it just so happens to be really healthy. I’m all in for that life because if I ever leave this planet for the afterlife, I’ll be damned if I’m going out with disease and suffering.  I don’t think the fountain of youth needs to be discovered. I just think we need to start drinking from it, in the form of eating a plant based diet.


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  1. Amazing, there’s no doubt that cutting meat and animal products is key to long life coupled with an active lifestyle.

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