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Cashew Cheese

Community is so important to me. Being a San Francisco native, I love this city with all my heart.  After all, it raised me from the ground up. So, when I can find fellow Vegans in this city I get ecstatic for a couple of reasons. One, we’re all down to earth and friendly peeps (as are most local San Franciscans), and two, we all want to help each other out!  It’s like finding peeps from the old school San Francisco, before all the transplants and technology cluster-fuck.

As I was surfing on Instagram one day for local vegan food shots, I came across Lisa Myaf’s IG page and I noticed some exciting food photos of bacon, cheese, and other non-traditional Vegan goods!


Exchanging conversation with her, I found that she actually makes her own cashew cheese! I was stoked to get my hands on some and boy did she deliver.

It turns out, she lives literally four blocks away from me, so grabbing some homemade cheese from her was a piece of cake. I was a little skeptical at first because she doesn’t yet have a branded company launched yet, but whatever. Fellow Vegans don’t food poison other Vegans!  So I grabbed two cakes off of her fresh batch of cashew cheese! I felt like this was some secret prohibition cheese or something too! She gave me a brie and a truffle cheese and let me tell you, both were A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Spreading this stuff all over my Josie Baker Bread took me to another planet. And that’s when I was reminded how awesome being a Vegan truly was. You get to discover new shit all the time!

Well, it turns out, Lisa is starting a cheese company called, The UnCreamery. I’m not sure that’s spelled right, but it will soon be at local farmer’s markets in San Francisco and I’m stoked at how people can turn their Vegan passions into businesses! I almost feel like if you’re starting a business and it’s NOT Vegan, you’re missing out on a gold rush of opportunity. That’s just the truth.

Cashew Cheese

If you want some really great cheese, and you’re in the Bay Area, give Lisa a shout and see if she’s got any cheese to spare!

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  1. Good to know . Thanks you. I made my own cashew cheese before and it was quite tasty . I bet this one is better and I can’t wait to have it readily available in stores.

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