Portland Vegan Tour!

We’re going on a vegan road trip to Portland! There’s surprisingly a lot of vegan places here, so I thought I’d bring you guys along with us.

In the chilly Portland weather, we decided to go to the Japanese Garden, a really beautiful park where you can do the Japanese tea ceremony, have some mochi, and relax in nature. It was a good way to start the trip. We also saw the Multnomah Falls along the way.

I heard that the best cheese in Portland can be found at Vtopia, so we got a cheese plate, and some sandwiches to start.

At Marekin Ramen, a vegan ramen resto, I ordered the vegan tonyu broth with toppings. It was so good.

We dropped by Sweetpea Baking, a bake shop, and ordered their cashew cheese pastrami croissant, lemon poppyseed muffin, sesame bagel with chive cream cheese, and avocado, and coffee. They take their coffee seriously in Portland, I’m telling you.

Afterwards, we went to Herbivore Clothing, whose branding is all about living the vegan life. It was really nice to see a shop sell this kind of merch.

It’s not a complete vegan road trip if you don’t drop by a vegan grocery store. We went to Food Fight! Grocery and bought a bunch of things including (but not limited to) vegan jerky and chicharron.

Good ol’ sight seeing is also on the itinerary, so we went to see the famus St. John’s Bridge. A lot of people walk their pets there, apparently. It’s really a beautiful place to hang out if you want to go outdoors. Nevermind the chilly weather of Portland.

Pistols Plant Store was also on the itinerary so we decided to drop by. We realized, however, that it’d be better if we dropped by earlier in the morning so we can see the greenhouse. Next time, we’ll definitely drop by earlier!

For good pizza, I highly recommend going to Virtuous Pie. Their toppings are amazing, and you know that a lot of thought goes into their pizzas. You know you’re at a real pizza shop when the paper napkins are rough cuz it absorbs all that oil and grease

If you’re not up for some pizza, Blossoming Lotus has a really delicious Thai salad with barbecue soy curls, pasta, mac and cheese, fingerling potatoes, and other vegan options. This place, by far, is our favorite resto here in Portland.

Right before leaving lovely Portland, we decided to go to Ichiza, where they have chung fun, bento boxes, and dumplings. It was a good way to end the trip.

Portland is a place where people can chill, eat good food, relax, and see nature. It is truly a vegan’s playground, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to visit new places.

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