Kimcheese Quesadilla (Vegan)

Today, we’re doing a vegan quesadilla, with a touch of Korean. For that LA streetdog taste, add a few drops of liquid smoke to give your vegan sausages that familiar punch that meat-based hot dogs have. For this video, I’m adding the Lightlife Smart Dogs.

Set the heat to medium on your non-stick pan, and lay down a lightly oiled tortilla. Goal is to crisp the inside more than the outside, since we’ll melt the vegan cheese using a microwave. If the outside of the tortilla is already crispy at this point, we might burn it our vegan quesadilla too much.

When you get around to microwaving the tortilla with 2 slices of vegan cheese on top, make sure to do it for 45 seconds.

Timing is important for this recipe. After microwaving the cheese and tortilla, lay it back down on your pan and add the hot dog, onion, and kimchi fillings. For extra cream, add in vegan mayo.

Be careful not to burn the sides so it’s nice and crispy. Add guac as a side if you prefer it!

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Kimcheese Quesadilla (VEGAN)

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