What I eat in a day: Vegan lockdown vlog

In case anyone’s wondering what a normal day in a vegan’s life is like, here’s an insider look into mine. The lockdown certainly has changed a lot of my habit and parts of my routine, so I hope this helps anyone and everyone going through the same change.

My mornings are equal parts morning walk with Yumi, workout, meditation, and journaling. Breakfast comes in the form of Butter Jam Toast. After that, I officially start work by checking emails. My afternoons are more chill – making snacks, sun bathing, brewing green tea, and light editing for Instagram. The last chunk of my day comprises of another walk with Yumi, dinner prep, tea break (again), and then sleep. This routine has helped me cope with what’s going on nowadays.

If you’re curious, the meals in this vlog include Butter Jam toast, Chili Dogs, Creamy Spinach Udon, Green Tea, Cinnamon Apples, and Barley Tea.

How about you guys, how have your routines changed lately this lockdown?

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What I really eat in a day: Vegan - lockdown vlog

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