Blackberry Ginger Fizz for the New Year!

There’s no better way to kick off the New Years’ spirit than with a fruity spirit. This blackberry ginger fizz cocktail is the right concoction of alcohol and fruit – a good way to start the year.

You will need some blackberries, lime, agave, ginger ale, and gin. The very first step is to make 1 oz of fresh lime juice. After you have squeezed the lime out, add agave. Remember the golden ratio of 2:1:1, aka 2 parts alcohol, 1 part sweet, and 1 part sour. You can opt to add in a bit of water as well. After that, add some gin. For this recipe, I’m using Hendrick’s Gin.

The next few steps are the fun part of making a cocktail. Add in the fruit (blackberries in this case) and mint. Muddle the two into the lime juice mixture we made earlier then add ice. Shake it! If you have any bartender tricks, that’d be cool too. The last step is to add in the ginger ale, or Triple Ginger Brew from Trader’s Joe in my case. Add a mint leaf on top, if you have any extra left.

There you have it. The blackberry ginger fizz to kick off 2018. Happy new year!

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Blackberry Ginger Fizz

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