White Chanterelle Mushrooms Crostini – Umami Recipe

We got some white chanterelle mushrooms from Rainbow Grocery for the first time and I really wanted to try making something with ’em!

For the crostini bread, I’m using a loaf we got the other day from Acme. For spices, I’m using some thyme from my garden.

Next, you’ll want to bring out your white chanterelle mushrooms. To clean them, use a paper towel to pat em dry. What I love about these mushrooms, is that when you cook it and add a bit of fat, like butter, it can almost taste like foie gras. Cut them in quarter-sized pieces.

For the next step, you’ll want to drench some tomatoes in olive oil, garlic, and rosemary. Place this in an aluminum foil tray (see video for demo), and put it into the oven for 15 minutes.

While the tomatoes are in the oven, take out a dry pan, and place the white chanterelle mushrooms on it. Cook it until it’s aromatic and soft. Some juices should be apparent too. At that point, you can add in some butter, thyme, and salt. My choice of butter is Miyoko’s Cultured VeganButter. Once you’re done cooking, let the mushrooms rest, just like how you need meat to rest when you’re cooking with it.

Add a bit of olive oil on to your bread for toasting. Get your grill pan really hot – I use my Lodge Grill Pan – and toast your bread.

Once all your ingredients are prepped, slab on a bit of mayo, add your baked tomatoes, the fried chanterelles, drops of lemon, and nutritional yeast and a little basil. Voila!

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White Chanterelle Mushrooms Crostini - Umami Recipe

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