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The Best Vegan Chicken-less Nugget? Taste Test Time!

Time to help out all the breadwinners and vegan newbies with a very important task: choosing the best Vegan Chicken Nuggets. A daunting task indeed.

We’ve gathered a couple of the more popular brands and tried out their take on vegan chicken nuggets. In our line up, we have Gardein Chicken Nuggets, 365 Chickenless Nuggets, Trader Joe’s Chicken Crisps, and 365 Plant-Based Nuggets. We added mayo, garlic dip, and sweet chili dip to complement our taste test. Maybe you can try them out at home too!

Trader Joe’s Chickenless Crispy Tenders

On first bite, Trader Joe’s Chickenless Crispy Tenders was a juicy one. Wrapped with good breading, the tender-like nugget had a good enough chicken flavor with the right texture to match. It’s not perfect but it could pass off as normal chicken nuggets. For this, we give it an average of 8.5/10. Off to a good start so far!

365 Plant-Based Nuggets

We’ve added to the chicken nugget coop 365’s newest version of their vegan chicken nuggets: 365 Plant-Based Nuggets. Just like our first contender, this one had a crispy bite with flavorful breading. However, it did not taste like chicken like we hoped. It had a garlic aftertaste (maybe best accompanied with some garlic sauce?) It’s personally my top contender (so far). The average score we gave for this plant-based nugget is 7.25/10.

Gardein Crispy Gold Chick’n Nuggets

Just by looking at it and comparing it to the other brands, Gardein’s Crispy Gold Chick’n Nuggets’ breading looked bland. Not a great first impression, if you ask me. Upon taking the first bite, their vegan chicken nuggets immediately tasted like those kinds you see in grocery stores that are dino-shaped. It’s not as crunchy as the other brands and it did not taste good at all. Overall, we gave it a 2/10. Sorry, Gardein.

365 Chickenless Nuggets

Now on to our last chicken-less nugget for the day: 365 Chickenless Nugget, the older version of the brand. This one was super crunchy and was very similar to 365 Plant-Based Nuggets in terms of texture. It didn’t have that garlic aftertaste though, which is good depending on your tastes. This is easily the best one among the four brands we’ve tried.

Winner Winner Chicken(less Nugget) Dinner

We definitely saved the best for last by trying out the 365 Chickenless Nugget. It’s got the taste, breading, and texture right – all while being a good vegan option! Definitely worth the try if you’re trying to find a healthier version for your kids and if you want to try it out yourself. Hope we helped you narrow down your choices. Happy eating!

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The Best Vegan Chicken-less Nugget? Taste Test Time!

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