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A Crispy Tofu Recipe Idea: Vegan Filipino Sisig

If you’re even slightly familiar with Filipino food, you’ll know how heavy the dishes are on the meat. That should take sizzling dishes like sisig off the blog. That’s not the case for today though. With a little bit of tweaking, we can make the best vegan Filipino sisig for you and your family. I also have another vegan Filipino dish if you’d like to check that out.

The star of this recipe is tofu. Since we can’t have meat, you’ll need a block of firm tofu and half a pound of mushrooms to get that savory taste. After sizzling all the ingredients to perfection and adding lime and green onion for garnish, I highly recommend placing it over a bed of rice and adding a bit of hot sauce. I personally use sriracha.

When I was making the recipe, my goal was to make it an authentic, efficient, and inexpensive one. I say that because this vegan Filipino sisig takes only 30 minutes to make, costs around $8-10, and can feed around 3-4 people.

It’s the ultimate vegan meal.

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