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Cooking With Beyond Meat Burger

Here’s a cool find – the Beyond Meat Burger Patty. It has 20g protein/patty, 22g total fat, 450g sodium (1/4 of daily intake), cellulose from bamboo, and pea protein, refined coconut oil. I had a hard time finding Beyond Meat in the grocery stores I usually go to, until I found it on mylkguys.com, a vegan grocery delivery service. They only deliver in the Bay area, so if you’re from here, check ’em out!

This is going to be the first time I’m cooking something like this, and it’s pretty awesome how their patties look so much like real beef patties. For this recipe, I’ll make a burger the way I usually do – pan-fried, with avocadoes, sprouts, mushrooms, romaine lettuce and red onions.

Slice some avocadoes after, and season your patties with salt and pepper. You can also add some vegan bacon slices; which I prefer crispy. Next, you cut your mushrooms in half so it’s easier to stack them on top of a piece of bread. Make sure to sprinkle salt on both sides. I love grilling mushrooms to bring out that meaty flavor.

My secret to good bread (or buns) for a burger is to grill it. The bread will absorve the smokey flavors of the grill, adding more oomph to it.

The last step is to sear the patties, even the sides, to get that juicy center that resembles a medium done burger. Put them all together and *chef’s kiss*

If you want to add a dressing, I suggest you squeeze some lemon juice and olive oil over the lettuce. I also like to add the Trader Joe’s Vegan Mayo and ketchup to my bread.

It’s almost hard to believe that all of this is plant based. Thank you for hooking it up, MylkGuys!

Full recipe here.

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Cooking With Beyond Meat Burger (Vegan)

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